October Wrap-Up!

Last month, I told you that I wound up scrapping my work. Well, no more looking back, October was the first month of writing in this new direction of my novel. Overall, I feel really good about it. It’s good, clean work. The novel is going to be different. It’s going to read different, it’s going to feel different than the other novels out there.

Looking at my pace this month, I wrote two chapters. I want to be able to get to three chapters a month, but I’m not going to force it either. At this point, I’m abandoning hitting a daily word count, and simply focusing on time plus effort.

I probably won’t be soliciting feedback from anyone for this. I truly think I just need to incubate this and put in the hard work in solitude before I release anything out to the world. Thinking about doing a solid draft, and then going out for notes.

Oh, and I’m not forcing myself to follow the treatment as it’s written. I got a solid route I can take, but I’m also giving myself room for improvement. I’m letting myself be carried away by the story a bit as my understanding of the true story starts to unfold.

Another thing is sacrifice. I can’t go out and play too much if I wanna give everyone the story they deserve. That means no drinking or partying for a while, but I guess it’s high time for that. I gotta buckle down and grind out this novel.

November, I’m looking to continue putting in the hours, staying focused, writing quality material. If all goes well, I’ll be messaging everyone in a month and saying I did exactly this.



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