December Wrap-Up!

“Sometimes you need to go backward in order to go forward.”

A few months ago, I gave my friend Brandon a piece advice about his writing career. He was having trouble with a novel and after scrapping his pages several times, I told him to take a year off from the novel and instead to write short stories.

Well, I should have taken my own advice.

For more than a few reasons, I’ve decided to write 10 short stories next year. The main reason for this is discover. I want to experiment, learn, and fine tune. Maybe even push the envelope with a few. I’m going to be trying on different tones and styles, trying different characters, and subject matter.

So December was mainly about re-positioning myself to write short stories. After my decision, I looked through my writing notebook and picked out a few concepts that I thought could make good shorts.

The first one that I chose was a thriller about a detective searching for a missing person. I tried to complete it, but it just didn’t really feel right it its short form. I wound up putting it down.

But the next one I finished. I picked up an old concept that I just couldn’t crack because I was trying to develop it as a longer piece. I always knew it had to be a short. It’s finished and I’m currently in the editing process of it. And hoping to release it next month, so please keep on the lookout 🙂

For January, I’m planning on releasing the short story and writing another one (maybe two). Hopefully this new direction pans out.