John’s Wedding


For those of you who do not know, my good friend John got married and I was his best man. It was a beautiful ceremony — right there on the beach. Everybody looked lovely and just happy to be there. It was such a pleasure to see the two lovely families that were there together and overall it was a wonderful day.

I, of course, tried my best to fulfill my duties as Best Man as well as I could. John promised to return the favor whenever I got married — but he might have to wait a while lol. The best man speech went off without any calamity. In regards to speech giving: if you’ve never done this before, giving a speech to nearly 200 near strangers is a little bit more difficult than it seems. Actually, on second thought it’s exactly as difficult as it seems. Umm, I didn’t mess up too terribly but a small bit of advice for those who happen to be in my position: do not drink before you’re supposed to give a speech. You think it will give you some liquid courage but it does not! You need all your neurons firing and they cannot actually do that when they’re swimming in alcohol. Overall, I’m super glad to see my buddy get hitched and I’m wishing him the best in the future.

Half-Year Recap (April~September)

What’s up everybody. I know I haven’t posted in a while - no update since April 2018! - but just wanted to give everybody a little bit of a recap of the past several months.

Let’s see. Right around May is when I dropped “Remembrancy” - a cyberpunk short story. I started this year with the goal of completing 10 short stories. Well, I haven’t done that. Writing for me got really terrible around May all the way until August of this year - I attribute it mainly to being distracted - so I didn’t finish that goal. This whole year I haven’t really achieved many goals. I guess you can say the past several months I was in a slump (but more on that later). I just could not focus on any one project and found myself floundering. Personally, I also felt pretty unfulfilled and like I was just not centered.

September was a turning point: I took a vacation that was really good for me (more on that later). We’re in October now and I’m in a good place mentally. Looking to update this site more so look out for some new thoughts/posts about me and my writing in the near future.

For everybody who have stuck around, thanks for the support!