Half-Year Recap (April~September)

What’s up everybody. I know I haven’t posted in a while - no update since April 2018! - but just wanted to give everybody a little bit of a recap of the past several months.

Let’s see. Right around May is when I dropped “Remembrancy” - a cyberpunk short story. I started this year with the goal of completing 10 short stories. Well, I haven’t done that. Writing for me got really terrible around May all the way until August of this year - I attribute it mainly to being distracted - so I didn’t finish that goal. This whole year I haven’t really achieved many goals. I guess you can say the past several months I was in a slump (but more on that later). I just could not focus on any one project and found myself floundering. Personally, I also felt pretty unfulfilled and like I was just not centered.

September was a turning point: I took a vacation that was really good for me (more on that later). We’re in October now and I’m in a good place mentally. Looking to update this site more so look out for some new thoughts/posts about me and my writing in the near future.

For everybody who have stuck around, thanks for the support!

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