April Wrap-Up (Late Post)

Sorry for the wait! I was really struggling this month with writing, so I couldn’t take any time off to write a blog post. As a recap, I’m working on my behemoth cyberpunk novel. Here’s what happened in April:

After a solid stretch of writing flow, my productivity has slowed down considerably. My daily output went down to a few hundred words per day, and the focus wasn’t really there as well. I attribute that to a few issues:

  1. Time Management. I like to take a short nap before I start writing, but this month I’ve been skipping the nap. As a result, I’ve been a little less refreshed going into each writing session. Need to work on managing my time a little better.
  2. Outline Issues. I got some things wrong with my outline, so a lot the stuff that was originally planned had to be scrapped. Starting from scratch is always tough, so there was no way I was going to be as productive as if I had a solid outline.
  3. “Life, man. Just life.” Writing isn’t my life. It’s just a part of my life. A very important one, but a part nonetheless. With that being said, my life outside of writing has taken a bit of a priority this month.

In Summary, I’m not even mad. I know them’s the breaks. I’ve been here before and I’m confident that I just need to ride out the lows. Sometimes the writing flows, and sometimes it trickles. I’m still maintaining an optimistic attitude about putting out this novel next year. I’m not thinking about the prize anymore. This is just what I do everyday and I know the results will come.

Next month I’m aiming to get back into a flowy state and finish out this segment of the novel.

One last thing. I really want to give something to anyone who reads this post, so I’ll leave with this little daily motivation, it’s a lesson that I’ve learned over the years.

Sometimes the desire just isn’t there. You know what you have to do, whatever it is you’re working on, or any goals that you have. Whether that’s completing school or starting a business. But there’s days when it’s just a grind. That’s okay. Keep going through the motions. Just do it. Because you will eventually come out of the slump, and when you do, it’s better to have a little something to show for it rather than nothing at all.