June/July Wrap-Up

Sorry for the wait. My mind has been everywhere these days and updating this blog has kind of fallen by the wayside. Apologizing for late posts seems like a common refrain these days. I’ll do better.

June was a rough month for me emotionally. Personally, I all but abandoned my daily routine — a routine that was getting fairly respectable. For my daily routine, I usually like to only a handful of things: read, write, workout, clean, eat healthily, learn something new, spend time with friends or family. I did none of those things. If I did them, I did them poorly. My apartment was a mess, my writing wasn’t consistent, and my diet consisted of a lot of delivery pizza. The only thing that I managed to hold onto was writing, and eventually, even that fell through. 

The reasons for this was that (1) I had a falling out with a friend. And (2) I sustained an injury. Both of these things combined definitely took a toll on me. Where the mind goes, the body follows.

July was more of the same. I wasn’t in a great space mentally and emotionally, so I was just kind of letting life go on as it may, but there was a turning point. I took a much-needed trip to Hong Kong for some personal healing. The time away was good, if just a distraction. I came back feeling better. 

It’s the end of July now. I’ve processed those negative emotions associated with my two setbacks. For starters, I know that sometimes it’s in our best interest to remove people from our lives. And despite some lingering feelings, I’ve made my peace with it. Secondly, I’ve essentially healed up my injury and made a recovery. I am grateful for every day spent with my health.

There are a few people who I would like to thank for their support during this time.

  • Jason – Thanks for being my good friend during this time. Thanks for sharing your own heartbreak with me. Thanks for an awesome time taking our mini traveling together. Let’s have more great times, bro.
  • Brian – Thank you for showing up at my apartment with fried chicken from gangneung. We didn’t do anything special but spend time together while I complained to you. And you were totally fine with that. Thanks for just being you. 
  • Paulo – Thanks for being there just to chat or have a meal together. Maybe it was just eating a cheeseburger near our apartment, but it was very meaningful to me. Thanks for sharing stories about your life and family, those lessons are now my lessons. Obrigado, my friend.

Going forward, I’m feeling much more optimistic about the future. Not only that, but I’m trying to be much more content in the present. There will certainly be challenges ahead, but I believe now more than ever that what I’m pursuing is a noble cause. For the month of August, I’m looking to get refocused and centered on the important things in my life. I’m hoping to update everyone one month from now with some good news.