February Wrap-Up

Hi Everyone,

Haven’t been updating as much. Thanks so much if you’re still checking in on my progress.

Writing wasn’t great in January or most of February. Mostly due to burnout from work. This time of year is always busy, and I was doing way more hours than I like to do. I love teaching, but I realize that if I don’t get to be creative then it really starts to bum me out.

And just as I was complaining about work, everything with the coronavirus hit. I think it’s a good reminder to not take things for granted, especially things like health and career. On that note, I hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits.

On a positive note, with the extra down time, I’ve been getting back into working on my novel. I recently made some good strides in a section that was giving me some challenges before. Right now, I’m revisiting some areas in the outline. From the late second-act onward, the story wasn’t super developed. Now I’m taking the time to make it stronger before I get back into writing the words on the pages. The important thing is switching from writing mode to outline mode, which can be a little different in terms of what you focus on. In an outline, it’s more broad strokes.

That’s all for now. The post seems thrown together, a bit like patchwork, but I will try to keep everyone updated as much as I can. Maybe I could put out some videos or find other ways to keep everyone in the loop. Until then, thanks for reading!


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