Peter Kim was born in Queens, New York to a Chinese mother and Korean father.

He grew up in a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia, which others have described as “tough”, although he always thought that getting jumped was just a right of passage for most kids. Not wanting to become like most of his friends that either got involved in guns or drugs, Peter turned to street art as an escape. While it was still illegal, graffiti wasn’t that illegal. After one too many run-ins with the law, Peter decided to join the Marines on a whim. After he returned, Peter’s step-father died of cancer and his high school sweetheart left him for his best friend. Boo hoo, right?

Over the course of his college years, Peter drank too much beer, ate too much pizza, and generally behaved too recklessly. Despite learning from some esteemed playwrights and screenwriters, his writing was flat and uninspired. He was fat and unmotivated and better yet he graduated with a degree in nothing (B.S. in Screenwriting & Playwriting). He moved out to Los Angeles to make it as a screenwriter but only made coffee. On the plus side, he can make a damn good cup of coffee.

On his last dime, Peter decided to move to South Korea for lack of a better idea. He got a job teaching writing and literature to young children and through them, he rediscovered his passion for the written word. Over the next few years, he poured everything he knew into learning as much as he could about the craft. He started eating healthier. He still drank, but, you know, he drank less.

With a new outlook and invigoration, Peter decided to quit screenwriting & playwriting and began working on his first novel in the thriller genre. If you would like to read more about his progress, please check it out.