My conversations with other artists. We talk about personal life, the creative process, and their current projects.

Nicola Piovesan is an Italian filmmaker and video game developer currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. In this episode, we talk about his love of the cyberpunk genre, the differences between film and video games, his purpose for creating art, as well as his upcoming video game Encodya.

You can find out more at his website Chaosmonger Studio

Robert Stimpson is an author of short stories, articles, and novels currently living in South London. In this podcast, we talk about how he stays creative in a social media world, traditional vs independent publishing, and also the issues of hustle culture, toxic masculinity, and male depression – which he tackles in his latest novel.

I had a conversation with San Francisco-based manga artist Xinillus. We talk about her love of the Japanese franchise Digimon, the difficulty of maintaining a consistent style when illustrating a manga comic, and we take a deeper look at her manga, “Keep Outers.”

I had a conversation with my friend Lukas, a local musician living in Bundang. We talk about his time living in the United States, his time in a writing program in NYC, living as an expat in Korea, and why he just wants to have fun with his cover band Bus Price.

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